Commit 76c694fc authored by Adorilson Bezerra's avatar Adorilson Bezerra Committed by Claude Paroz

Don't show inactive members twice for the coordinator (bug #642201)

parent 7f766022
......@@ -105,13 +105,13 @@ def team(request, team_slug):
role.role = form_value
# Create forms for template
commit_roles = Role.objects.filter(team=team, role='committer')
commit_roles = Role.objects.filter(team=team, role='committer', is_active=True)
if commit_roles:
mem_groups[0]['form'] = EditMemberRoleForm(commit_roles)
review_roles = Role.objects.filter(team=team, role='reviewer')
review_roles = Role.objects.filter(team=team, role='reviewer', is_active=True)
if review_roles:
mem_groups[1]['form'] = EditMemberRoleForm(review_roles)
translate_roles = Role.objects.filter(team=team, role='translator')
translate_roles = Role.objects.filter(team=team, role='translator', is_active=True)
if translate_roles:
mem_groups[2]['form'] = EditMemberRoleForm(translate_roles)
context['can_edit_team'] = True
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