Commit 501e21de authored by Jason Crain's avatar Jason Crain

remove deprecated ev_view_find_changed function

Evince's ev_view_find_changed function has been deprecated for several
years. Replace it with ev_view_find_started.
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......@@ -512,15 +512,12 @@ var EvinceView = new Lang.Class({
this._jobFind =, this._model.get_page(), evDoc.get_n_pages(),
str, false);
this._jobFind.connect('updated', Lang.bind(this, this._onSearchJobUpdated));
_onSearchJobUpdated: function(job, page) {
// FIXME: ev_job_find_get_results() returns a GList **
// and thus is not introspectable
GdPrivate.ev_view_find_changed(this._evView, job, page);
let hasResults = job.has_results();
this.getAction('find-prev').enabled = hasResults;
this.getAction('find-next').enabled = hasResults;
......@@ -289,16 +289,6 @@ gd_create_collection_icon (gint base_size,
return retval;
gd_ev_view_find_changed (EvView *view,
EvJobFind *job,
gint page)
ev_view_find_changed (view,
ev_job_find_get_results (job),
gd_show_about_dialog (GtkWindow *parent)
......@@ -40,10 +40,6 @@ gchar *gd_iso8601_from_timestamp (gint64 timestamp);
GIcon *gd_create_collection_icon (gint base_size,
GList *pixbufs);
void gd_ev_view_find_changed (EvView *view,
EvJobFind *job,
gint page);
void gd_show_about_dialog (GtkWindow *parent);
#endif /* __GD_UTILS_H__ */
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