Commit f2446e13 authored by Georges Basile Stavracas Neto's avatar Georges Basile Stavracas Neto Committed by Umang Jain

window: Always show the search bar

To make the search bar more proeminent and discoverable,
it should be always visible. This commit, then, makes the
search bar always visible, and remove the search button.
parent 77409226
......@@ -393,6 +393,7 @@ window_construct (YelpWindow *window)
gtk_box_pack_start (GTK_BOX (priv->vbox_full), priv->vbox_view, TRUE, TRUE, 0);
priv->search_bar = gtk_search_bar_new ();
gtk_search_bar_set_search_mode (GTK_SEARCH_BAR (priv->search_bar), TRUE);
gtk_box_pack_start (GTK_BOX (priv->vbox_view), priv->search_bar, FALSE, FALSE, 0);
priv->search_entry = yelp_search_entry_new (priv->view,
YELP_BOOKMARKS (priv->application));
......@@ -405,12 +406,9 @@ window_construct (YelpWindow *window)
gtk_image_new_from_icon_name ("edit-find-symbolic",
gtk_widget_set_tooltip_text (button, _("Search (Ctrl+S)"));
g_object_bind_property (button, "active",
priv->search_bar, "search-mode-enabled",
g_signal_connect (priv->search_bar, "notify::search-mode-enabled",
G_CALLBACK (window_search_mode), window);
gtk_header_bar_pack_end (GTK_HEADER_BAR (priv->header), button);
g_signal_connect (window, "key-press-event", G_CALLBACK (window_key_press), NULL);
......@@ -625,7 +623,6 @@ action_search (GSimpleAction *action,
YelpWindowPrivate *priv = GET_PRIV (userdata);
gtk_revealer_set_reveal_child (GTK_REVEALER (priv->find_bar), FALSE);
gtk_search_bar_set_search_mode (GTK_SEARCH_BAR (priv->search_bar), TRUE);
gtk_widget_grab_focus (priv->search_entry);
......@@ -636,7 +633,6 @@ action_find (GSimpleAction *action,
YelpWindowPrivate *priv = GET_PRIV (userdata);
gtk_search_bar_set_search_mode (GTK_SEARCH_BAR (priv->search_bar), FALSE);
gtk_revealer_set_reveal_child (GTK_REVEALER (priv->find_bar), TRUE);
gtk_widget_grab_focus (priv->find_entry);
......@@ -1109,9 +1105,6 @@ view_loaded (YelpView *view,
"page-icon", &icon,
"page-title", &title,
if (!g_str_has_prefix (page_id, "search=")) {
gtk_search_bar_set_search_mode (GTK_SEARCH_BAR (priv->search_bar), FALSE);
yelp_application_update_bookmarks (priv->application,
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