Commit ec08b2b0 authored by Christian Persch's avatar Christian Persch

widget: Ensure rendering data is re-initialised on re-realise

pvt->draw is destroyed on unrealise, so we need to make sure to recreate it
on realise.
parent bc0ae12c
......@@ -8849,6 +8849,11 @@ vte_terminal_realize(GtkWidget *widget)
/* Set the realized flag. */
gtk_widget_set_realized (widget, TRUE);
/* Create rendering data if this is a re-realise */
if (terminal->pvt->draw == NULL) {
terminal->pvt->draw = _vte_draw_new();
/* Set up input method support. FIXME: do we need to handle the
* "retrieve-surrounding" and "delete-surrounding" events? */
if (terminal->pvt->im_context != NULL) {
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