Commit a4bd9ef5 authored by Christian Persch's avatar Christian Persch

a11y: Remove unnecessary vfunc impl

Z-order is MININT by default, so there is no need to provide an overriding impl
returning the same.
parent 216ca3c1
......@@ -1534,12 +1534,6 @@ vte_terminal_accessible_text_iface_init(AtkTextIface *text)
text->set_caret_offset = vte_terminal_accessible_set_caret_offset;
static gint
vte_terminal_accessible_get_mdi_zorder(AtkComponent *component)
return G_MININT;
static gboolean
vte_terminal_accessible_set_extents(AtkComponent *component,
gint x, gint y,
......@@ -1600,7 +1594,6 @@ vte_terminal_accessible_component_iface_init(AtkComponentIface *component)
component->set_extents = vte_terminal_accessible_set_extents;
component->set_position = vte_terminal_accessible_set_position;
component->set_size = vte_terminal_accessible_set_size;
component->get_mdi_zorder = vte_terminal_accessible_get_mdi_zorder;
/* AtkAction interface */
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