Commit 8756ffe9 authored by Christian Persch's avatar Christian Persch

Update set-scroll-adjustement docs.

	* src/vte.c: (vte_terminal_class_init): Update set-scroll-adjustement

svn path=/trunk/; revision=2337
parent 207f0ebf
2008-12-11 Christian Persch <>
* src/vte.c: (vte_terminal_class_init): Update set-scroll-adjustement
2008-12-10 Paolo Borelli <>
Bug 562695 - ship pkg-config file for python bindings
......@@ -11293,13 +11293,12 @@ vte_terminal_class_init(VteTerminalClass *klass)
* VteTerminal::set-scroll-adjustments:
* @terminal: the terminal which received the signal
* @hadjustment: the #GtkAdjustment used for horizontal scrolling (unused in #VteTerminal)
* @vadjustment: the #GtkAdjustment used for vertical scrolling
* @horizontal: the horizontal #GtkAdjustment (unused in #VteTerminal)
* @vertical: the vertical #GtkAdjustment
* This signal is an implementation detail; it is emitted when @terminal
* is added to a #GtkScrolledWindow. If @hadjustment or @vadjustment are %NULL,
* a new #GtkAdjustment is created internally.
* Set the scroll adjustments for the text view. Usually scrolled containers
* like #GtkScrolledWindow will emit this signal to connect two instances
* of #GtkScrollbar to the scroll directions of the #VteTerminal.
* Since: 0.17.1
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