Commit 748547ef authored by Christian Persch's avatar Christian Persch

parser: Document some known deviations from VT100

parent 072274d0
......@@ -42,6 +42,29 @@
* control sequences and generic escape sequences.
* The parser itself does not perform any actions but lets the caller react to
* detected sequences.
* This parser is mostly DEC VT100+ compatible; known differences are:
* * DEC only recognises up to 16 parameters; vte up to 32 (and that can be easily
* extended)
* * When the number of parameter exceeds that number, DEC executes the function
* with these parameters, ignoring the excessive parameters; vte ignores the
* whole function instead.
* * DEC ignores CSI sequences with colon-separated parameters; vte implements colon-
* separated parameters as subparameters (this is an extension taken from ITU-T T.416).
* * DEC executes format effector controls in CSI, OSC, DCS sequences as if the
* control was received before the control sequence; vte only does this for CSI
* sequences and ignores all controls except ESC and BEL in OSC control strings,
* and passes all controls except ESC through to the control string in DCS sequences.
* * DEC only allows ST (either C0 or C1) to terminate OSC strings; vte allows
* OSC to be terminated by BEL (this is a deprecated xterm extension).
* * DEC parses ESC Z as DECID, a deprecated function equivalent to DA1; vte
* implements ECMA-48's SCI (single character introducer) instead.
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