Commit 60f5573f authored by Egmont Koblinger's avatar Egmont Koblinger

widget: doc: Clarify a comment about rewrapping

parent 4b830778
......@@ -7911,7 +7911,7 @@ vte_terminal_set_size(VteTerminal *terminal, glong columns, glong rows)
_vte_ring_set_visible_rows_hint(terminal->pvt->normal_screen.row_data, terminal->pvt->row_count);
_vte_ring_set_visible_rows_hint(terminal->pvt->alternate_screen.row_data, terminal->pvt->row_count);
/* Always resize normal screen (given that this feature is enabled), even if alternate is visible: bug 415277 */
/* Resize the normal screen and (if rewrapping is enabled) rewrap it even if the alternate screen is visible: bug 415277 */
vte_terminal_screen_set_size(terminal, &terminal->pvt->normal_screen, old_columns, old_rows, terminal->pvt->rewrap_on_resize);
/* Resize the alternate screen if it's the current one, but never rewrap it: bug 336238 comment 60 */
if (terminal->pvt->screen == &terminal->pvt->alternate_screen)
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