Commit 4fddb49e authored by Egmont Koblinger's avatar Egmont Koblinger

widget: Fix URL recognition after dragging the scrollbar

(cherry picked from commit cfd75ab6)
parent 4e21ad64
...@@ -7892,6 +7892,7 @@ Terminal::vadjustment_value_changed() ...@@ -7892,6 +7892,7 @@ Terminal::vadjustment_value_changed()
_vte_debug_print(VTE_DEBUG_ADJ, _vte_debug_print(VTE_DEBUG_ADJ,
"Scrolling by %f\n", dy); "Scrolling by %f\n", dy);
invalidate_all(); invalidate_all();
emit_text_scrolled(dy); emit_text_scrolled(dy);
queue_contents_changed(); queue_contents_changed();
} else { } else {
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