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    emulation: Revise the extended color escape sequences · 3c9e4121
    Egmont Koblinger authored
    Add support for true color sequences according to ITU-T T.416,
    i.e. CSI 38:2:[color_space_id]:R:G:B[:more_params]m. Color space id
    and further parameters are ignored.
    Keep support for the misinterpreted CSI 38:2:R:G:Bm format (missing
    color space id) for now, to be dropped at some point in the future.
    Keep support for 256-color sequences according to ITU-T T.416,
    i.e. CSI 38:5:INDEXm. Allow and ignore further parameters.
    Keep support for the de facto standard CSI 38;2;R;G;Bm and CSI 38;5;INDEXm
    supported by most terminal emulators and emitted by most apps.
    Drop support for mixed use of semicolons and colons.
    Add command line flags to perf/256test.sh and perf/img.sh to select the
    emitted sequences, switch to the de jure format as default.
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