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    add. add. add. add. add. expand "%m" locally so that we can distinguish · 2949c513
    Nalin Dahyabhai authored
    * src/vte.c(vte_terminal_sequence_handler_scroll_up_or_down): add.
    * src/vte.c(vte_terminal_sequence_handler_scroll_up_once): add.
    * src/vte.c(vte_terminal_sequence_handler_scroll_down_once): add.
    * src/vte.c(vte_terminal_sequence_handler_scroll_up): add.
    * src/vte.c(vte_terminal_sequence_handler_scroll_down): add.
    * src/table.c(_vte_table_addi): expand "%m" locally so that we can distinguish
    	between control sequences which differ only in the number of numeric
    	arguments they expect.  This means we have a new upper limit on the
    	length of a numeric argument list we'll recognize.
    * src/caps.c(_vte_xterm_capability_strings): remove alternates for strings
    	which include '%m' as a specifier -- that's handled at the matching
    	layer now.
    * src/vte.c(vte_terminal_paste_cb): drop the supplied data if it isn't valid
    	UTF-8 (Red Hat #119099).
    * src/keymap.c(_vte_keymap_map): try xterm variants if we're xterm, not the
    	other way around.
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