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This entire tree is "some highly unsupported crackrock", though we are
cleaning it as fast as possible and aiming for a 1.0 release "next year".
Please contact people listed in filed MAINTAINERS if you intend to hack
on it, especially if you want to commit stuff.
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Vte is different from other terminal emulators in that instead of hard
coding behavior of a few select terminals, it can emulate any terminal
simply by reading its terminfo capabilities file.  The idea being that
if applications can communicate with any terminal by reading its
capabilities, the emulation widget can also behave like any terminal by
reading that file.  Well, that's just the idea :).

This is the most useful resource in understanding various internal states
as well as control sequences:


And to understand termcap, terminfo, etc, "make terminfo" is a great start.