1. 11 Sep, 2002 1 commit
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      Skip lookups for padding information if we're pretty sure we're using a · 2149ce6c
      Nalin Dahyabhai authored
      * src/vte.c: Skip lookups for padding information if we're pretty sure we're
      	using a monospaced font.
      * src/vte.c: Fix from Brian Cameron for uninitialized GError in
      * src/interpret.c, src/iso2022.c, src/pty.c, src/ring.h, src/table.c,
      	src/table.h, src/trie.c, src/vte.c, src/vteaccess.c: Signed/unsigned
      	int/size_t/gsize and pointer typecast warning fixes from Brian Cameron.
      * src/vte.c: Avoid invalidating the cursor in the cursor blink timeout unless
      	we have focus.
      * src/pty.c, src/pty.h: Add vte_pty_close() and vte_pty_open_with_logging(),
      	breaking the ABI but not the existing API.
      * src/vte.c, src/vte.h: Add vte_terminal_fork_logged_command(), breaking the
      	ABI but not the existing API.
      * gnome-pty-helper/*: Swallow the pty helper bits of gnome-libs, but install
      	into $pkglibdir instead of $sbindir so that existing packages don't
      	suddenly start breaking.
      * src/termcap.c(_vte_termcap_find_string_length): Fix signature to match the
      	declaration in termcap.h.  From patch by Jacob Berkman.
      * configure.in: Add $X_PRE_LIBS to the front of $X_LIBS, -lX11 and $X_EXTRA_LIBS
      	to the end of $X_LIBS.  Remove some cruftiness and set CPPFLAGS when
      	checking for Xft.  Check for the existence of wchar.h, because it might
      	not exist.  Use an automake conditional to make compilation of the
      	Python bindings non-critical.  From patch by Jacob Berkman.
      * src/pty.c: Silence compiler warning when exec() fails.  From patch by Jacob
      * src/interpret.c, src/vte.c: Stop including langinfo.h since we don't call
      	nl_langinfo() any more.  Adapted from patch by Jacob Berkman.
      * src/caps.c: Fill in a couple of missing initializers.
      * src/vte.c, src/vte.h: Add accessor functions for use in language bindings,
      	breaking the ABI but not the API.
      * python/vte.defs: Add defs for the new accessor functions.
      * python/vte-demo.py: Add a scrollbar to the sample window, handle more of the
      	options the C version handles.  Stop expecting additional arguments with
      	a signal that doesn't include any.
      * python/Makefile.am: We only have one target, so don't bother with
      	target-specific primaries if we can avoid it (#92252).
      * vte.pc.in: Note build dependencies on ATK, Pango, and PangoX.
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  3. 25 Feb, 2002 2 commits