Commit feeee4b5 authored by Christian Persch's avatar Christian Persch
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emulation: Limit integer arguments to 65535

To guard against malicious sequences containing excessively big numbers,
limit all parsed numbers to 16 bit range. Doing this here in the parsing
routine is a catch-all guard; this doesn't preclude enforcing
more stringent limits in the handlers themselves.
parent a9d6a347
......@@ -550,7 +550,7 @@ _vte_table_extract_numbers(GValueArray **array,
if (G_UNLIKELY (*array == NULL)) {
*array = g_value_array_new(1);
g_value_set_long(&value, total);
g_value_set_long(&value, CLAMP (total, 0, G_MAXUSHORT));
g_value_array_append(*array, &value);
} while (i++ < arginfo->length);
......@@ -557,7 +557,7 @@ vte_sequence_handler_multiple(VteTerminal *terminal,
GValueArray *params,
VteTerminalSequenceHandler handler)
vte_sequence_handler_multiple_limited(terminal, params, handler, G_MAXLONG);
vte_sequence_handler_multiple_limited(terminal, params, handler, G_MAXUSHORT);
static void
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