Commit 73f9e209 authored by Christian Persch's avatar Christian Persch

emulation: Report fixed origin for CSI 13 t

(cherry picked from commit 901c7739)
parent d5f45957
......@@ -8713,17 +8713,8 @@ Terminal::XTERM_WM(vte::parser::Sequence const& seq)
/* Send window location, in pixels. */
/* FIXME: this is not supported on wayland; just hardwire
* it to a fixed return always.
int x0, y0;
gdk_window_get_origin(gtk_widget_get_window(m_widget), &x0, &y0);
"Reporting window location (%d,%d).\n", x0, y0);
reply(seq, VTE_REPLY_XTERM_WM,
{3, x0 + m_padding.left, y0 +});
/* Send window location, in pixels. Reply with fixed origin. */
reply(seq, VTE_REPLY_XTERM_WM, {3, 0, 0});
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