Commit 64f03be0 authored by Christian Persch's avatar Christian Persch
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Don't use the automatic rules for .enums.xml generation

The generated file isn't very nice, so put a fixed-up copy
in git, dist and install it.
parent de948ce4
......@@ -329,10 +329,11 @@ xticker_SOURCES = xticker.c
# GSettings
gsettings_ENUM_NAMESPACE = org.gnome.vte.v0
gsettings_ENUM_FILES = vte.h
# Don't use the automatic rules since the generated .enums.xml isn't very nice
# gsettings_ENUM_NAMESPACE = org.gnome.vte.v0
# gsettings_ENUM_FILES = vte.h
dist_gsettingsschema_DATA = org.gnome.vte.v0.enums.xml
<!-- Generated data (by glib-mkenums) -->
<enum id='org.gnome.vte.v0.Terminal.EraseBinding'>
<value nick='auto' value='0'/>
<value nick='ascii-backspace' value='1'/>
<value nick='ascii-delete' value='2'/>
<value nick='delete-sequence' value='3'/>
<value nick='tty' value='4'/>
<enum id='org.gnome.vte.v0.Terminal.Cursor.BlinkMode'>
<value nick='system' value='0'/>
<value nick='on' value='1'/>
<value nick='off' value='2'/>
<enum id='org.gnome.vte.v0.Terminal.Cursor.Shape'>
<value nick='block' value='0'/>
<value nick='ibeam' value='1'/>
<value nick='underline' value='2'/>
<enum id='org.gnome.vte.v0.Terminal.WriteFlags'>
<value nick='default' value='0'/>
<!-- Generated data ends here -->
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