Commit 56def42f authored by Christian Persch's avatar Christian Persch
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Version 0.28.0

parent 6450f121
- Bugs fixed:
* Bug 642184 - vte does not build against new glade (with gladeui-2.0)
- Translation updates
0.27.90 0.27.90
======= =======
- Fix shrinking terminal on gtk3 - Fix shrinking terminal on gtk3
m4_define([version_major],0) m4_define([version_major],0)
m4_define([version_minor],27) m4_define([version_minor],28)
m4_define([version_micro],90) m4_define([version_micro],0)
m4_define([version_triplet],version_major.version_minor.version_micro) m4_define([version_triplet],version_major.version_minor.version_micro)
m4_define([so_major_adjust],9) dnl Don't change! m4_define([so_major_adjust],9) dnl Don't change!
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