Commit d0fa1dd4 authored by Rico Tzschichholz's avatar Rico Tzschichholz

codegen: Actually create method cast for base interface method as needed

Keep the fallback to base method for now.

This will silence some incompatible pointer type warnings.
parent b0c0a0ee
......@@ -1483,10 +1483,11 @@ public class Vala.GTypeModule : GErrorModule {
// method inherited from base class
var base_method = cl_method;
if (cl_method.base_method != null) {
base_method = cl_method.base_method;
} else if (cl_method.base_interface_method != null) {
if (cl_method.base_interface_method != null) {
base_method = cl_method.base_interface_method;
} else if (cl_method.base_method != null) {
//FIXME should this ever be possible here?
base_method = cl_method.base_method;
generate_method_declaration (base_method, cfile);
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