Commit ceb60150 authored by Rico Tzschichholz's avatar Rico Tzschichholz

gtk+-4.0: Update to 3.94.0+a7fa1cf6

parent 395b2b37
......@@ -5100,7 +5100,6 @@ namespace Gdk {
public void set_display (Gdk.Display display);
public void set_keyval (uint keyval);
public void set_source_device (Gdk.Device device);
public void set_user_data (GLib.Object user_data);
public bool triggers_context_menu ();
public Gdk.EventType event_type { get; construct; }
......@@ -5118,12 +5117,12 @@ namespace Gdk {
protected FrameClock ();
public void begin_updating ();
public void end_updating ();
public Gdk.FrameTimings? get_current_timings ();
public unowned Gdk.FrameTimings? get_current_timings ();
public int64 get_frame_counter ();
public int64 get_frame_time ();
public int64 get_history_start ();
public void get_refresh_info (int64 base_time, out int64 refresh_interval_return, out int64 presentation_time_return);
public Gdk.FrameTimings? get_timings (int64 frame_counter);
public unowned Gdk.FrameTimings? get_timings (int64 frame_counter);
public void request_phase (Gdk.FrameClockPhase phase);
public signal void after_paint ();
public signal void before_paint ();
......@@ -6730,12 +6729,9 @@ namespace Gtk {
public Gtk.BaselinePosition get_baseline_position ();
public bool get_homogeneous ();
public int get_spacing ();
public void pack_end (Gtk.Widget child);
public void pack_start (Gtk.Widget child);
public void query_child_packing (Gtk.Widget child, out Gtk.PackType pack_type);
public void reorder_child (Gtk.Widget child, int position);
public void insert_child_after (Gtk.Widget child, Gtk.Widget? sibling);
public void reorder_child_after (Gtk.Widget child, Gtk.Widget? sibling);
public void set_baseline_position (Gtk.BaselinePosition position);
public void set_child_packing (Gtk.Widget child, Gtk.PackType pack_type);
public void set_homogeneous (bool homogeneous);
public void set_spacing (int spacing);
public Gtk.BaselinePosition baseline_position { get; set; }
......@@ -7579,7 +7575,7 @@ namespace Gtk {
public int get_max_length ();
public int get_max_width_chars ();
public bool get_overwrite_mode ();
public unowned string get_placeholder_text ();
public unowned string? get_placeholder_text ();
public double get_progress_fraction ();
public double get_progress_pulse_step ();
public unowned Pango.TabArray? get_tabs ();
......@@ -8984,7 +8980,6 @@ namespace Gtk {
public class Menu : Gtk.MenuShell, Atk.Implementor, Gtk.Buildable {
[CCode (has_construct_function = false, type = "GtkWidget*")]
public Menu ();
public void attach (Gtk.Widget child, uint left_attach, uint right_attach, uint top_attach, uint bottom_attach);
public void attach_to_widget (Gtk.Widget attach_widget, [CCode (scope = "async")] Gtk.MenuDetachFunc? detacher);
public void detach ();
[CCode (has_construct_function = false, type = "GtkWidget*")]
......@@ -11135,7 +11130,6 @@ namespace Gtk {
public void set_markup (string? markup);
public void set_text (string? text);
public void set_tip_area (Gdk.Rectangle rect);
public static void trigger_tooltip_query (Gdk.Display display);
[CCode (cheader_filename = "gtk/gtk.h,gtk/gtk-a11y.h", type_id = "gtk_toplevel_accessible_get_type ()")]
public class ToplevelAccessible : Atk.Object {
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