Commit aa0b2bd9 authored by Evan Nemerson's avatar Evan Nemerson

glib-2.0: add GByteArray bindings

parent 388aebb4
......@@ -4101,6 +4101,43 @@ namespace GLib {
private uint len;
[CCode (cprefix = "g_bytes_", ref_function = "g_bytes_ref", unref_function = "g_bytes_unref", type_id = "G_TYPE_BYTES")]
public class Bytes {
public Bytes ([CCode (array_length_type = "gsize")] uint8[] data);
public Bytes.take ([CCode (array_length_type = "gsize")] owned uint8[] data);
public Bytes.static ([CCode (array_length_type = "gsize")] uint8[] data);
public Bytes.with_free_func ([CCode (array_length_type = "gsize")] owned uint8[] data, GLib.DestroyNotify? free_func = GLib.g_free);
public Bytes.from_bytes (GLib.Bytes bytes, size_t offset, size_t length);
[CCode (array_length_type = "gsize")]
public unowned uint8[] get_data ();
public size_t get_size ();
public uint hash ();
public int compare (GLib.Bytes bytes2);
public static uint8[] unref_to_data (owned GLib.Bytes bytes);
public static GLib.ByteArray unref_to_array (owned GLib.Bytes bytes);
[CCode (cname = "_vala_g_bytes_get")]
public uint8 get (int index) {
unowned uint8[] data = this.get_data ();
return data[index];
[CCode (cname = "_vala_g_bytes_slice")]
public GLib.Bytes slice (int start, int end) {
unowned uint8[] data = this.get_data ();
return new GLib.Bytes (data[start:end]);
public int length {
[CCode (cname = "_vala_g_bytes_get_length")]
get {
return (int) this.get_size ();
/* Byte Arrays */
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