Commit 388aebb4 authored by Dr. Mickey Lauer's avatar Dr. Mickey Lauer 💬

linux: change IfAddrs structure to be more useful in conjunction with getnameinfo()

parent 42346889
......@@ -1322,12 +1322,12 @@ namespace Linux {
public unowned IfAddrs? ifa_next;
public string ifa_name;
public uint ifa_flags;
public Posix.SockAddr* ifa_addr;
public Posix.SockAddr* ifa_netmask;
public Posix.SockAddr? ifa_addr;
public Posix.SockAddr? ifa_netmask;
[CCode (cname = "ifa_ifu.ifu_broadaddr")]
public Posix.SockAddr* ifa_ifu_broadaddr;
public Posix.SockAddr? ifa_ifu_broadaddr;
[CCode (cname = "ifa_ifu.ifu_dstaddr")]
public Posix.SockAddr* ifa_ifu_dstaddr;
public Posix.SockAddr? ifa_ifu_dstaddr;
public void* ifa_data;
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