Commit 05a7609e authored by Rico Tzschichholz's avatar Rico Tzschichholz

Sync NEWS from 0.46

parent 5024c64c
Vala 0.46.3
* Various improvements and bug fixes:
- codegen:
+ Accept children after generating type specific declarations
+ Preserve full access to delegate variables and its target/destroy cvalues
+ Initialize delegate temp-var which is assigned by property getter
+ Silence warning about copying if delegate doesn't carry its target
+ Use gtype-boxed API for structs with "g_boxed_free" attribute [#863]
- ccode: Implicitly register declaration for added CCodeFunction
- vala: Fix compatible/disposable check between structs and their subtypes
- vala: Don't issue a warning for non-public struct fields in bindings
- girparser: Add required copy/free attributes for gtype-boxed structs
and regenerate GIR-based bindings to pick up copy/free attributes [#863]
- docs: Mention requirement of autoconf-archive as build-dependency
- vapi: Perform syntax and semantic check for all bindings on "make check"
* Bindings:
- avahi-client: Fix "use of possibly unassigned parameter" warnings
- glib-2.0: Set default_value attribute for GLib.pointer
- gnutls: Fix "use of possibly unassigned parameter" warnings
- tokyocabinet: Fix deprecation warnings
- xcb: Fix "missing return statement at end of subroutine body" errors
Vala 0.46.2
* Various improvements and bug fixes:
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