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Commit e8e55a44 authored by Ralf Michl's avatar Ralf Michl Committed by Jürg Billeter

dova: Fix generated main function

parent 648cf84c
...@@ -1667,7 +1667,7 @@ public class Vala.DovaObjectModule : DovaArrayModule { ...@@ -1667,7 +1667,7 @@ public class Vala.DovaObjectModule : DovaArrayModule {
var array_data = new CCodeFunctionCall (new CCodeIdentifier ("dova_array_get_data")); var array_data = new CCodeFunctionCall (new CCodeIdentifier ("dova_array_get_data"));
array_data.add_argument (new CCodeIdentifier ("args")); array_data.add_argument (new CCodeIdentifier ("args"));
cdecl = new CCodeDeclaration ("string**"); cdecl = new CCodeDeclaration ("string_t*");
cdecl.add_declarator (new CCodeVariableDeclarator ("args_data", array_data)); cdecl.add_declarator (new CCodeVariableDeclarator ("args_data", array_data));
main_block.add_statement (cdecl); main_block.add_statement (cdecl);
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