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update for 0.1.3 release

2007-08-31  Juerg Billeter  <>

	* NEWS: update for 0.1.3 release

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2007-08-31 Jürg Billeter <>
* NEWS: update for 0.1.3 release
2007-08-31 Jürg Billeter <>
* doc/ only install man pages for vapigen and gidlgen if
Vala 0.1.3
* Convert reference-type structs to classes for a more consistent type system.
* Support `as` operator (Mathias Hasselmann).
* Improve array support.
* Experimental D-Bus client support.
* Add GConf bindings.
* Add libgnome and libgnomeui bindings.
* Add Glade bindings.
* Add libnotify bindings (Nicolas Christener, Roland Hostettler).
* Add GnomeVFS bindings.
* Add GtkSourceView bindings.
* Add Panel Applet bindings.
* Add GNOME Desktop Library bindings.
* Add libsoup bindings.
* Add libwnck bindings.
* Add GtkMozEmbed bindings (Alberto Ruiz).
* Add Poppler bindings (Alberto Ruiz).
* Add Enchant bindings (Mathias Hasselmann).
* Add Hildon bindings (Marcelo Lira).
* Add SQLite bindings.
* Add curses bindings (Ed Schouten).
* Build system fixes (Nicolas Trangez).
* Add manual pages for gidlgen and vapigen (Kumar Appaiah).
* Many bug fixes all over the place.
Vala 0.1.2
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