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update for 0.1.4 release

2007-10-09  Juerg Billeter  <>

	* NEWS: update for 0.1.4 release

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2007-10-09 Jürg Billeter <>
* NEWS: update for 0.1.4 release
2007-10-09 Jürg Billeter <>
Use --basedir in build system and rename all VAPI files to .vapi,
Vala 0.1.4
* Use .vapi as file extension for bindings.
* Add Vala Reference Manual.
* Add support for object initializers.
* Emit #line directives in debug mode.
* Add --basedir option.
* Support creation methods in structs.
* Add support for [Notify] attribute for properties.
* Add experimental support for registering new fundamental classed types.
* Improve support for non-GObject classes.
* Improve error reporting.
* Add vapicheck to verify generated bindings (Mathias Hasselmann).
* Drop xml_pp dependency (Alberto Ruiz).
* Many bug fixes.
Vala 0.1.3
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