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Release 0.49.1

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Vala 0.49.1
* Highlights:
- Use defintions of public header in internal header if available
and drop --use-header compiler option and enable it by default [#713]
- gdbus: Use GDBusProxy API to set `g-interface-info` at initialization time
- Check vfunc of abstract/virtual methods and property accessors for NULL
before using it [#153]
- Check coverage of switch on enum-type and issue warnings if needed [#777]
- Map empty start/end index to 0/length for slice expressions [#238]
- Add support for "with" statement (mark them experiemental) [#327]
- Use inheritted scopes of base-types/prerequisites to resolve symbols [#54]
* Various improvements and bug fixes:
- codegen:
+ Add implicit parameter and instance checks in async method [#1005]
+ Make use of CCode.cname for label name of CatchClause
- vala:
+ Move setting of target profile and standard packages into CodeContext
+ Remove some public API from expressions and statements
+ Add Expression.is_always_true/false() helpers
+ Add InvalidExpression as replacement for erroneous nodes instead
+ Don't loose invalid_syntax when copying array type for variables [#942]
- girparser: Strip "Enum"-suffix only from enumeration
- girwriter: Internal fields/vfuncs in type-symbols are public in C [#513]
- libvaladoc: Remove unused Api.Class.get_finalize_function_name() API
- testrunner: Add more -Werror=* flags
* Bindings:
- gio-unix-2.0: Fix "g_unix_mount_for" binding [#1052]
- glib-2.0,gio-2.0,gobject-2.0: Updates for 2.66
- glib-2.0: data of GLib.Bytes is allowed to be null
- glib-2.0: Add more explicit type_id attributes for various symbols
- gstreamer: Update from 1.17.2+ git master
- gtk4: Update to 3.99.0+d743e757
- pango: Update from 1.45.2
- vapi: Update GIR-based bindings
Vala 0.48.8
* Various improvements and bug fixes:
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