Commit 0cd80097 authored by Evan Nemerson's avatar Evan Nemerson

clutter-1.0: remove "out" from several caller-allocates parameters

parent c32eb81a
......@@ -4725,7 +4725,7 @@ namespace Clutter {
public float get_height ();
public unowned Clutter.Actor get_last_child ();
public unowned Clutter.LayoutManager get_layout_manager ();
public void get_margin (out unowned Clutter.Margin margin);
public void get_margin (Clutter.Margin margin);
public float get_margin_bottom ();
public float get_margin_left ();
public float get_margin_right ();
......@@ -5739,7 +5739,7 @@ namespace Clutter {
public class DragAction : Clutter.Action {
[CCode (has_construct_function = false, type = "ClutterAction*")]
public DragAction ();
public bool get_drag_area (out unowned Clutter.Rect drag_area);
public bool get_drag_area (Clutter.Rect drag_area);
public Clutter.DragAxis get_drag_axis ();
public unowned Clutter.Actor get_drag_handle ();
public void get_drag_threshold (out uint x_threshold, out uint y_threshold);
......@@ -5967,7 +5967,7 @@ namespace Clutter {
public unowned Clutter.InputDevice get_associated_device ();
public Clutter.InputAxis get_axis (uint index_);
public bool get_axis_value ([CCode (array_length = false)] double[] axes, Clutter.InputAxis axis, out double value);
public bool get_coords (Clutter.EventSequence? sequence, out unowned Clutter.Point point);
public bool get_coords (Clutter.EventSequence? sequence, Clutter.Point point);
[Deprecated (since = "1.12")]
public void get_device_coords (out int x, out int y);
public int get_device_id ();
......@@ -6324,17 +6324,17 @@ namespace Clutter {
public Clutter.Rect copy ();
public bool equals (Clutter.Rect b);
public void free ();
public void get_center (out unowned Clutter.Point center);
public void get_center (Clutter.Point center);
public float get_height ();
public float get_width ();
public float get_x ();
public float get_y ();
public unowned Clutter.Rect init (float x, float y, float width, float height);
public void inset (float d_x, float d_y);
public bool intersection (Clutter.Rect b, out unowned Clutter.Rect res);
public bool intersection (Clutter.Rect b, Clutter.Rect? res);
public Clutter.Rect normalize ();
public void offset (float d_x, float d_y);
public void union (Clutter.Rect b, out unowned Clutter.Rect res);
public void union (Clutter.Rect b, Clutter.Rect res);
public static unowned Clutter.Rect zero ();
[CCode (cheader_filename = "clutter/clutter.h", type_id = "clutter_rectangle_get_type ()")]
......@@ -6979,7 +6979,7 @@ namespace Clutter {
[Deprecated (since = "1.10")]
public Clutter.Timeline clone ();
public bool get_auto_reverse ();
public bool get_cubic_bezier_progress (out unowned Clutter.Point c_1, out unowned Clutter.Point c_2);
public bool get_cubic_bezier_progress (Clutter.Point c_1, Clutter.Point c_2);
public int get_current_repeat ();
public uint get_delay ();
public uint get_delta ();
......@@ -7071,8 +7071,8 @@ namespace Clutter {
public class ZoomAction : Clutter.GestureAction {
[CCode (has_construct_function = false, type = "ClutterAction*")]
public ZoomAction ();
public void get_focal_point (out unowned Clutter.Point point);
public void get_transformed_focal_point (out unowned Clutter.Point point);
public void get_focal_point (Clutter.Point point);
public void get_transformed_focal_point (Clutter.Point point);
public Clutter.ZoomAxis get_zoom_axis ();
public void set_zoom_axis (Clutter.ZoomAxis axis);
public Clutter.ZoomAxis zoom_axis { get; set; }
......@@ -150,6 +150,23 @@ get_input_device_for_id parent="Clutter.InputDevice" name="get_for_id"
color_from_* skip
units_from_* skip
// Classes marked as out but not double ptr
.get_margin.margin out=false
.get_drag_area.drag_area out=false
.get_coords.point out=false
Rect out=false
.intersection.res out=false
.union.res out=false
.get_cubic_bezier_progress.c_* out=false
.get_focal_point.point out=false
.get_transformed_focal_point.point out=false
// Remove for clutter-2.0
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