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add support for outputting audio only from video+audio files
Add deinterlacing
Support container free audio formats such as FLAC, mp3 and AAC
Add HTML5 and Nokia 9000 profile
Add HTML5 and Nokia 900 profile
add support for video only transcoding
add support for mpeg1 video and mpeg2 audio
......@@ -34,11 +34,10 @@ This list is completely unordered. Nothing about the ordering in this list shoul
* Add a lot of testing for the data coming from the XML profiles. People can currently
hang the application quite easily by feeding it non-valid data through the XML profiles.
* Profiles
These work now, but it is clear that unless we want a 1 million item drop down list we
need to set up some kind of online repository where people can search and download the
profiles they need. Should be done in collaboration with Arista.
* Profiles generator
Would be great to create something which analyzed a media file and created a profile to
match it.
* Subtitles
Support muxing in Subtitles into AVI and MPEG4 files. Need GStreamer work
for it to happen. Support encoding subtitles as part of the video image.
......@@ -55,6 +54,7 @@ This list is completely unordered. Nothing about the ordering in this list shoul
* AVC HD support.
Variation of MPEG TS with H264 and AC3 audio
* Support multiple audio tracks. Probably want to wait for new discoverer for that.
* Support multiple audio tracks. Currently 'working', but we need fixes to uridecodebin to
make streams identifiable.
* Batch transcoding - multiple files 'programmed up front'
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