Commit 5a25dfee authored by uraeus's avatar uraeus
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Switch to user preset directory

parent 16f82f7f
presetdir = $(datadir)/gstreamer-0.10/presets
presetdir = $(datadir)/transmageddon/presets
preset_DATA = ffenc_ac3.prs GstFaac.prs GstVorbisEnc.prs \
ffenc_flv.prs GstLameMP3Enc.prs \
ffenc_h263p.prs GstXvidEnc.prs \
......@@ -52,6 +52,8 @@ class Transcoder(GObject.GObject):
# set preset directory
# Choose plugin based on Codec Name
# or switch to remuxing mode if any of the values are set to 'pastr'
......@@ -160,8 +162,7 @@ class Transcoder(GObject.GObject):
# put together remuxing caps to set on uridecodebin if doing
# passthrough on audio or video
print "audiopassthrough is " +str(self.audiopasstoggle)
print "videopassthrougth is " +str(self.videopasstoggle)
if self.audiopasstoggle or self.videopasstoggle:
self.remuxcaps = Gst.Caps.new_empty()
if self.audiopasstoggle:
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