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Add Friulian translation

parent d99e855b
......@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ eo
# Friulian translation for transmageddon.
# Copyright (C) 2017 transmageddon's COPYRIGHT HOLDER
# This file is distributed under the same license as the transmageddon package.
# Fabio Tomat <>, 2017.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: transmageddon master\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2017-03-20 04:30+0000\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2017-04-10 14:47+0200\n"
"Language-Team: Friulian <>\n"
"Language: fur\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);\n"
"Last-Translator: Fabio Tomat <>\n"
"X-Generator: Poedit 1.8.12\n"
#: ../
msgid "Transmageddon Video Transcoder"
msgstr "Transcodificadôr Video Transmageddon"
#: ../
msgid "Video format conversion tool"
msgstr "Strument di conversion di formâts video"
#: ../appdata/
msgid "Transmageddon Media Transcoder"
msgstr "Transcodificadôr multimedia Transmageddon"
#: ../appdata/
msgid "Easy to use audio and video transcoding application"
msgstr "Aplicazion di transcodifiche video e audio facile di doprâ"
#: ../appdata/
msgid ""
"Transmageddon is an application for converting audio and video files between "
"different formats. It allows you to either manually choose the formats you "
"want to convert between or alternatively you can choose a predefined target "
"and the selections will be made for you. Transmageddon supports a very wide "
"range of formats and can also optionally function as a DVD ripping tool."
msgstr ""
"Transmageddon e je une aplicazion par convertî file audio e video a "
"diferents formâts. Ti permet di sielzi a man i formâts che si vûl convertî o "
"in alternative si pues sielzi un obietîf predefinît e lis selezions a "
"vignaran fatis al to puest. Transmageddon al supuarte une grande schirie di "
"formâts e al pues jessi doprât ancje come strument di estrazion dai DVD."
#: ../appdata/
msgid "Feature list:"
msgstr "Liste funzionalitâts:"
#: ../appdata/
msgid "Wide range of media codecs"
msgstr "Grande varietât di codifichis multimediâls"
#: ../appdata/
msgid "Allows extracting audio or video streams separately"
msgstr "Al permet la estrazion dai flus audio o video in maniere separade"
#: ../appdata/
msgid "Allows ripping of DVD if needed software libraries are available"
msgstr ""
"Al permet la estrazion dai DVD se lis librariis software a son disponibilis"
#: ../appdata/
msgid "Supports named device presets"
msgstr "Al supuarte configurazions dispositîf cun non"
#: ../appdata/
msgid "Lets you add language metadata if missing"
msgstr "Ti permet di zontâ il metadât de lenghe se al mancje"
#: ../appdata/
msgid "Can change orientation of video if necessary"
msgstr "Al pues cambiâ l'orientament dal video se al covente"
#: ../appdata/
msgid "Supports files with multiple audio streams"
msgstr "Al supuarte file cun multiplis flus audio"
#: ../appdata/
msgid ""
"You might want to install this application if your need to convert media "
"files between different formats due to for example having hardware that only "
"supports a limited range of formats."
msgstr ""
"Si podarès volê instalâ cheste aplicazion se al covente convertî file "
"multimediâi in formâts diferents, par esempli se si à hardware che al "
"supuarte dome un numar limitât di formâts."
#: ../src/ ../src/
msgid "Transmageddon"
msgstr "Transmageddon"
#: ../src/
msgid ""
"Transmageddon is a simple video and audio conversion tool for GNOME created "
"by Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller."
msgstr ""
"Transmageddon al è un sempliç strument di conversion di audio e video par "
"GNOME, creât di Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller."
#: ../src/
msgid "Transmageddon homepage"
msgstr "Pagjine principâl di Transmageddon"
#: ../src/
msgid "translator-credits"
msgstr "Fabio Tomat, <>"
#: ../src/
msgid "Title:"
msgstr "Titul:"
#: ../src/
msgid "Languages:"
msgstr "Lenghis:"
#: ../src/
msgid "Length:"
msgstr "Lungjece:"
#: ../src/
msgid "Minute"
msgid_plural "Minutes"
msgstr[0] "Minût"
msgstr[1] "Minûts"
#: ../src/transmageddon-dvdtrack-chooser.ui.h:1
#: ../src/transmageddon-language-chooser.ui.h:2
msgid "Cancel"
msgstr "Anule"
#: ../src/transmageddon-dvdtrack-chooser.ui.h:2
#: ../src/transmageddon-language-chooser.ui.h:3
msgid "Select"
msgstr "Selezione"
#: ../src/transmageddon-dvdtrack-chooser.ui.h:3
msgid "Select a DVD title"
msgstr "Selezione un titul DVD"
#: ../src/transmageddon-language-chooser.ui.h:1
msgid "Select a language"
msgstr "Selezione une lenghe"
#. append to the menu the options
#: ../src/
msgid "About"
msgstr "Informazions"
#: ../src/
msgid "Quit"
msgstr "Jes"
#: ../src/
msgid "Debug"
msgstr "Debug"
#. set default values for various variables
#: ../src/ ../src/
#: ../src/ ../src/
msgid "Transcoding Progress"
msgstr "Progrès de transcodifiche"
#: ../src/
msgid "No container (Audio-only)"
msgstr "Nissun contignidôr (dome sun)"
#. Populate the rotatation box
#. print("populating rotationbox")
#: ../src/
msgid "No rotation (default)"
msgstr "Nissune rotazion (predefinît)"
#: ../src/
msgid "Clockwise 90 degrees"
msgstr "90 grâts in sens orari"
#: ../src/
msgid "Rotate 180 degrees"
msgstr "Ribalte di 180 grâts"
#: ../src/
msgid "Counterclockwise 90 degrees"
msgstr "90 grâts in sens antiorari"
#: ../src/
msgid "Horizontal flip"
msgstr "Ribalte in orizontâl"
#: ../src/
msgid "Vertical flip"
msgstr "Ribalte in verticâl"
#: ../src/
msgid "Upper left diagonal flip"
msgstr "Ribalte in diagonâl de bande superiôr a çampe"
#: ../src/
msgid "Upper right diagonal flip"
msgstr "Ribalte in diagonâl de bande superiôr a drete"
#: ../src/
msgid "No Presets"
msgstr "Cence valôrs predefinîts"
#: ../src/
#, python-format
msgid "%(min)d:%(sec)02d"
msgstr "%(min)d:%(sec)02d"
#: ../src/
#, python-format
msgid "File saved to %(dir)s"
msgstr "File salvât su %(dir)s"
#: ../src/
#, python-format
msgid "%(file)s saved to %(dir)s"
msgstr "%(file)s salvât su %(dir)s"
#: ../src/
msgid "Done Transcoding"
msgstr "Transcodifiche completade"
#: ../src/ ../src/
#, python-format
msgid "Writing %(filename)s"
msgstr "Daûr a scrivi %(filename)s"
#: ../src/
#, python-format
msgid "Pass %(count)d Complete. "
msgstr "Passade %(count)d completade. "
#. We use None here so that we in transcoder engine can differentiate between,
#. unknown language and known language, but no language code.
#: ../src/
msgid "Unknown"
msgstr "No cognossût"
#. if there is no audio streams
#: ../src/
msgid " No Audio"
msgstr " Cence sun"
#. add a 'No Video option'
#: ../src/ ../src/
msgid "No Video"
msgstr "Cence video"
#: ../src/
msgid ""
"Got an invalid response from codec installer, can not install missing codec."
msgstr ""
"Si à vût une rispueste no valide dal instaladôr di codecs, impussibil "
"instalâ il codec che al mancje."
#: ../src/
msgid "No Codec installer helper application available."
msgstr "No je disponibile nissune aplicazion ausiliâr par instalâ i codec."
#: ../src/
msgid "Plugins not found, choose different codecs."
msgstr "Plugin no cjatâts, sielç dai codec diferents."
#: ../src/
msgid "Codec installation aborted."
msgstr "Instalazion dal codec interote."
#: ../src/
msgid "Missing plugin installation failed."
msgstr "Instalazion dai plugin che a mancjin falide."
#: ../src/
#, python-format
msgid "Pass %(count)d Progress"
msgstr "Progrès de passade %(count)d"
#. add a 'No Audio option'
#: ../src/
msgid "No Audio"
msgstr "Cence sun"
#: ../src/
msgid "Audio passthrough"
msgstr ""
#: ../src/
msgid "Video passthrough"
msgstr ""
#: ../src/
msgid "Choose Source File..."
msgstr "Sielç file sorzint..."
#: ../src/transmageddon.ui.h:1
msgid ""
"<small>Video height&#47;width:</small>\n"
"<small>Video Codec:</small>"
msgstr ""
"<small>Altece&#47;largjece dal video:</small>\n"
"<small>Codec video:</small>"
#: ../src/transmageddon.ui.h:3
msgid "<b>Choose Input File:</b>"
msgstr "<b>Sielç file di jentrade:</b>"
#: ../src/transmageddon.ui.h:4
msgid "<b>Presets:</b>"
msgstr "<b>Preconfigurazions:</b>"
#: ../src/transmageddon.ui.h:5
msgid "<b>Output Format:</b>"
msgstr "<b>Formât di jessude:</b>"
#: ../src/transmageddon.ui.h:6
msgid ""
"<small>Audio Channels:</small>\n"
"<small>Audio Codec:</small>"
msgstr ""
"<small>Canâi audio:</small>\n"
"<small>Codec audio:</small>"
#: ../src/transmageddon.ui.h:8
msgid "<b>Choose Audio Codec</b>:"
msgstr "<b>Sielç codec audio</b>:"
#: ../src/transmageddon.ui.h:9
msgid "<b>Choose Video Codec</b>:"
msgstr "<b>Sielç codec video</b>:"
#: ../src/transmageddon.ui.h:10
msgid "<small>Rotate the video image if needed</small>"
msgstr "<small>Volte la imagjin video se al covente</small>"
#: ../src/transmageddon.ui.h:11
msgid "_Transcode"
msgstr "_Transcodificâ"
#: ../src/
msgid "Not mounted."
msgstr "No montât."
#: ../src/
#, python-format
msgid "Can't find %(path)s in any known prefix!"
msgstr "Impussibil cjatâ %(path)s in nissun prefìs cognossût!"
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