Update TODO and NEWS files

parent 941925a6
Error handling added for when a parser is missing
Add icon to about dialog
Make debug graphic system actually work
Automatically set version number in about box
Ensure pipeline doesn't start until plugins downloaded
Add Google G1 and Sony PSP profiles
Fix bad bug in presets caused by addition of MPEG PS
Add drag and drop support
This list is completely unordered. Nothing about the ordering in this list should
cause anyone to make any kind of assumptions about priorties.
* MPEG PS support.
Summer of Code project looks to address this.
* AVC HD support.
Variation of MPEG TS with H264 and AC3 audio. Summer of code will look at it.
* Add better error handling
Make sure the application runs even if directory names etc. are different.
Enable reporting when no plugin is found which allows allows muxing or
Variation of MPEG TS with H264 and AC3 audio.
* Support non-muxed audio codec
Allow the outputting of non-muxed audio codecs (mp3 mostly). Not sure we really
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