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      docs: Rework ontology docs generation entirely · 60354f20
      Carlos Garnacho authored
      Ontology docs weren't in a much good shape, besides many ontologies
      being seriously underdocumented (something which should improve
      separately), the generated docs were little more than a data dump,
      and the diagrams shown were broken, confusing, or both. This all
      amounts to quite counter-productive developer docs.
      So the ontology docs have been refurbished, the per-ontology
      descriptions are still useful, but have been stripped of all images,
      and the docs overall are now completely class-centric, per
      rdfs:Resource subclass we now get:
      - Ascii diagram of its local hierarchy, up to all its ancestors and
        down to all its direct children.
      - All properties that affect the specific class. This is notably
        more intuitive now as there's properties defined on one ontology
        that are in the domain of classes in another ontology, something
        which you couldn't get at a glance in the previous docs
      - It clearly states which properties supersede which superproperties,
        which again makes it easier if those apply for the class at hand.
      The result feels quite neater, and will indeed be more resembling
      to other gtk-doc generated API docs.