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      Distribute meson.build files in tarballs generated by Autotools · 49847c5a
      Sam Thursfield authored
      This is useful for people who are not building from Git but still want
      to avoid Autotools.
      See: https://mail.gnome.org/archives/desktop-devel-list/2017-April/msg00091.html
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      Meson build instructions for Tracker · 68b41e39
      Sam Thursfield authored
      See <http://mesonbuild.com/> for information about Meson.
      Remaining issues:
        * There's no `make dist` equivalent. We currently produce release
          tarballs containing the output files of the Vala compiler. We need
          to think through whether we can stop doing that. Shipping the
          generated .c files does make the Vala preprocessor useless so
          it would be good if we can stop.
        * The Firefox, Thunderbird, Evolution and Nautilus plugins are not
        * https://github.com/mesonbuild/meson/issues/671 -- means we can't
          depend on tracker_common_dep in most places and have to manually
          set link_with, include_directories and sources instead.
        * https://github.com/mesonbuild/meson/issues/1469 -- without this we
          have to install generated Vala headers using a script
        * https://github.com/mesonbuild/meson/issues/1229 -- means adding
          the #include guard to libtracker-sparql/tracker-generated-no-checks.h
          is a pain
        * The test suite has some spurious failures.
      Here's a rough speed comparison.
              time sh -c 'meson .. --prefix=/opt/tracker-meson -D bash_completion=/opt/tracker-meson/share/bash-completion -Dsystemd_user_services=/opt/tracker-meson/lib/systemd/user -Ddbus_services=/opt/tracker-meson/share/dbus-1/services && ninja-build -j 4 && ninja-build install'
              real  1m8.194s
              user  2m16.962s
              sys   0m20.532s
              time sh -c './configure --prefix=/opt/tracker-autotools --with-bash-completion-dir=/opt/tracker-autotools/share/bash-completion --with-session-bus-services-dir=/opt/tracker-autotools/share/dbus-1/services --disable-nautilus-extension && make -j 4 && make install'
              real  2m37.750s
              user  4m37.214s
              sys   0m54.806s
              Plus 30+ seconds of ./autogen.sh first.
      Note that Meson builds may fail if your source tree has generated files
      from an Autotools build in there. If you see errors about duplicate
      definitions, first try cleaning your source tree (use `git clean -dfx`,
      but make sure you commit any work first!!)
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      update docs .gitignore · c9ae041d
      Carlos Garnacho authored
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      docs: Delete ontology graph tool · 80f18a67
      Carlos Garnacho authored
      This is now unused, so remove the tool, and the configure.ac check
      for fdp.
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      docs: Rework ontology docs generation entirely · 60354f20
      Carlos Garnacho authored
      Ontology docs weren't in a much good shape, besides many ontologies
      being seriously underdocumented (something which should improve
      separately), the generated docs were little more than a data dump,
      and the diagrams shown were broken, confusing, or both. This all
      amounts to quite counter-productive developer docs.
      So the ontology docs have been refurbished, the per-ontology
      descriptions are still useful, but have been stripped of all images,
      and the docs overall are now completely class-centric, per
      rdfs:Resource subclass we now get:
      - Ascii diagram of its local hierarchy, up to all its ancestors and
        down to all its direct children.
      - All properties that affect the specific class. This is notably
        more intuitive now as there's properties defined on one ontology
        that are in the domain of classes in another ontology, something
        which you couldn't get at a glance in the previous docs
      - It clearly states which properties supersede which superproperties,
        which again makes it easier if those apply for the class at hand.
      The result feels quite neater, and will indeed be more resembling
      to other gtk-doc generated API docs.
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      libtracker-common: Moved tracker-ontologies.h into libtracker-sparql · a4d60c19
      Martyn Russell authored
      The Namespace has been cleaned up too, all APIs now start with:
      The well known definition for the TrackerMinerFS graph has also been changed
      because it now applies to more than just the TrackerMinerFS, we're using it
      It should probably be internal actually.
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    • Martyn Russell's avatar
      tests: Updated gtester scripts to improve testing system · 73c0decd
      Martyn Russell authored
      We imported Makefile.decl from glib when it was using Subversion, a long time
      ago. The script had a few issues (like running all unit tests twice on make
      distcheck) and needed to be updated.
      I've stolen a latest version from GLib's glib.mk and also their m4 macros
      which are required to make this all work too.
      This gives us the advantage of defining installable and uninstallable test
      cases as well as test data, scripts and other useful stuff.
      The debug output also looks quite good.
      And distcheck passes :)
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    • Jürg Billeter's avatar
      libtracker-sparql: Use static linking instead of plugins · 0ec98786
      Jürg Billeter authored
      Plugin loading in threads may be problematic in certain environments.
      As we do not currently support external plugins anyway, this changes
      libtracker-bus and libtracker-direct to be part of libtracker-sparql.
      This will also slightly improve initialization performance.
      Fixes NB#241659.
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