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    • Carlos Garnacho's avatar
      Delete tracker-needle · e479e5f3
      Carlos Garnacho authored
      It was cool when Tracker search was barely integrated anywhere.
      Nowadays, it's nothing but an aging showcase app (eg. was conceived
      in the gtk2 days and barely ported to gtk3, and it shows everywhere).
      If you want a modern and capable search UI, try Nautilus. If you
      are outraged that tracker-needle is gone and ended up here, by all
      means be my guest, reset to the parent of this commit and take it
      out of tree. If you join #tracker I'll gladly give you advise on
      how could it be brought up-to-date. But our hands are full, sorry,
      we leave cool UIs to others.
    • Carlos Garnacho's avatar
      Delete tracker-preferences · d4a8d6e4
      Carlos Garnacho authored
      This is a mix of store and miner features which can't be assumed to go
      together. It is better to leave configuration UI up to the environment,
      in the GNOME case this is gnome-control-center search panel.
      For settings that fall in the cracks, or for environments that don't
      integrate Tracker search in their configuration UI, there's the rather
      capable dconf-editor which will provide all toggles, and will explain
      them better than any UI we may have.
      In the future the CLI tools might gain some configuration subcommand,
      but it will not be a graphical UI.
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    • Sam Thursfield's avatar
      Remove Maemo/Meego leftovers · 809b5676
      Sam Thursfield authored
      This removes various code paths that we believe to be unused.
        * The userguides miner has been removed altogether.
        * The application miner no longer parses MeeGo-style .desktop files
        * The TRACKER_DISABLE_MEEGOTOUCH_LOCALE environment flag is gone
          (it already did nothing)
        * Character set detection with libmeegotouch is removed, only enca
          or libicu are supported
        * Meego-specific flags are gone from .desktop files
        * Functional tests have lost their vestigal Scratchbox and Aegis support
      There are 5 ontologies referencing Maemo, 4 of which are largely unused.
      These have been kept around in case anyone is using them outside
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  9. 22 May, 2017 2 commits
    • Sam Thursfield's avatar
      Distribute meson.build files in tarballs generated by Autotools · 49847c5a
      Sam Thursfield authored
      This is useful for people who are not building from Git but still want
      to avoid Autotools.
      See: https://mail.gnome.org/archives/desktop-devel-list/2017-April/msg00091.html
    • Sam Thursfield's avatar
      Meson build instructions for Tracker · 68b41e39
      Sam Thursfield authored
      See <http://mesonbuild.com/> for information about Meson.
      Remaining issues:
        * There's no `make dist` equivalent. We currently produce release
          tarballs containing the output files of the Vala compiler. We need
          to think through whether we can stop doing that. Shipping the
          generated .c files does make the Vala preprocessor useless so
          it would be good if we can stop.
        * The Firefox, Thunderbird, Evolution and Nautilus plugins are not
        * https://github.com/mesonbuild/meson/issues/671 -- means we can't
          depend on tracker_common_dep in most places and have to manually
          set link_with, include_directories and sources instead.
        * https://github.com/mesonbuild/meson/issues/1469 -- without this we
          have to install generated Vala headers using a script
        * https://github.com/mesonbuild/meson/issues/1229 -- means adding
          the #include guard to libtracker-sparql/tracker-generated-no-checks.h
          is a pain
        * The test suite has some spurious failures.
      Here's a rough speed comparison.
              time sh -c 'meson .. --prefix=/opt/tracker-meson -D bash_completion=/opt/tracker-meson/share/bash-completion -Dsystemd_user_services=/opt/tracker-meson/lib/systemd/user -Ddbus_services=/opt/tracker-meson/share/dbus-1/services && ninja-build -j 4 && ninja-build install'
              real  1m8.194s
              user  2m16.962s
              sys   0m20.532s
              time sh -c './configure --prefix=/opt/tracker-autotools --with-bash-completion-dir=/opt/tracker-autotools/share/bash-completion --with-session-bus-services-dir=/opt/tracker-autotools/share/dbus-1/services --disable-nautilus-extension && make -j 4 && make install'
              real  2m37.750s
              user  4m37.214s
              sys   0m54.806s
              Plus 30+ seconds of ./autogen.sh first.
      Note that Meson builds may fail if your source tree has generated files
      from an Autotools build in there. If you see errors about duplicate
      definitions, first try cleaning your source tree (use `git clean -dfx`,
      but make sure you commit any work first!!)
  10. 14 Jul, 2016 2 commits
    • Sam Thursfield's avatar
      Use TrackerResource instead of TrackerSparqlBuilder in all extractors · 8cc026da
      Sam Thursfield authored
      For a long time, all the Tracker extractors have manually constructed a
      SPARQL update command using TrackerSparqlBuilder to represent their
      output. This commit changes all of them to use the TrackerResource
      class instead, which makes the code a lot more concise and readable.
      This introduces some API breaks in the internal libtracker-extract
      library. This has been a private library since Tracker 0.16 or earlier,
      so it's fine.
      If the extractors only output SPARQL then they are only useful to
      people who are using a SPARQL store. Now we can output a serialization
      format like Turtle as well. This will hopefully make the extract modules
      useful outside of Tracker itself.
      I've tried to preserve the behaviour of the extractors as much as
      possible, but there are two things that are now handled differently:
        * nao:Tag resources are given a fixed URI based on the tag label, such
          as <urn:tag:My_Tag>. Previously they were inserted as blank nodes,
          so tracker-store would give them unique IDs like <urn:uuid:1234...>
        * All extractors created nco:Contact resources for content publishers,
          but previously some would assign fixed URIs based on the name
          <urn:contact:James%20Joyce>, while others would insert them as blank
          nodes so they would be assigned unique IDs like <urn:uuid:1234...>.
          Now, all extractors create nco:Contact resources with fixed URIs
          based on the content creator's name.
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  11. 09 Jun, 2016 2 commits
    • Sam Thursfield's avatar
      cli: Add --verbosity option to `tracker extract` · b77763df
      Sam Thursfield authored
      This is based on the --set-log-verbosity option from `tracker daemon`.
      The TRACKER_VERBOSITY environment variable also works here, and
      overrides the value on the commandline, so I'm not sure if this patch
      is really necessary...
    • Sam Thursfield's avatar
      Rewrite tracker-extract man page · 7e8cc3dc
      Sam Thursfield authored
      It now corresponds with the user-facing `tracker-extract` command,
      rather than the hidden /usr/libexec/tracker-extract program.
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    • Martyn Russell's avatar
      all: Migrate to GKeyfileSettingsBackend and generate man pages from schemas · 2b53cd5d
      Martyn Russell authored
      Now we've removed the internal key file object, we've had to put in place
      another method for supporting the existing TRACKER_USE_CONFIG_FILES
      environment variable. Thanks to the GKeyfileSettingsBackend provided by
      GLib, we can fallback to old school INI type config files for embedded
      solutions or cases where we don't want dconf as a backend. This works rather
      IT should be noted, the INI files are *NOT* written out in full if they do not
      exist, only options which are saved or different to the default settings are.
      This is how it should be too.
      Now we build man pages based on GSettings schemas using xsltproc with the
      template in docs/manpages/gsettings.xsl. This is a useful aid when trying to
      understand what config files can have in them. One thing it does highlight, is
      the config documentation could be better :)
  17. 03 Sep, 2014 1 commit
    • Martyn Russell's avatar
      tracker-stats: Change default behaviour and add new command line options · dbc9d307
      Martyn Russell authored
      Now we only show common RDF types by default, e.g. nfo:Document and it is
      based on .rules file fallback types and some others specifically added.
      There is also now a --all option to return all stats as was the behaviour
      In addition to this, the EXPRESSIONS provided on the command line following
      the OPTIONS can be used to filter the stats, e.g. : 'tracker-stats doC' will
      list the nfo:Document class and resources in the DB matching.
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    • Martyn Russell's avatar
      tracker-sparql: Add new command line features for help with the ontology · 95107a2f
      Martyn Russell authored
        --tree $CLASS (to print the tree for $CLASS, or NULL for all ontology)
        --get-shorthand $CLASS
        --get-longhand $CLASS
    • Martyn Russell's avatar
      tests: Updated gtester scripts to improve testing system · 73c0decd
      Martyn Russell authored
      We imported Makefile.decl from glib when it was using Subversion, a long time
      ago. The script had a few issues (like running all unit tests twice on make
      distcheck) and needed to be updated.
      I've stolen a latest version from GLib's glib.mk and also their m4 macros
      which are required to make this all work too.
      This gives us the advantage of defining installable and uninstallable test
      cases as well as test data, scripts and other useful stuff.
      The debug output also looks quite good.
      And distcheck passes :)
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    • Martyn Russell's avatar
      tracker-control: Added option --collect-debug-info · e220a017
      Martyn Russell authored
      Useful when debugging problems to diagnose the state of Tracker on
      your system. The data is output to stdout. Useful if bugs are filed
      against the project itself.
      Data collected includes Tracker version in use, disk space available,
      size of the databases on the disk, the configuration in use, states of
      the index (e.g. last filesystem crawl, data set locale, etc.) and
      finally statistics about the data in the database (e.g. how many
      nfo:FileDataObject resources exist).