Commit f514ba44 authored by Martyn Russell's avatar Martyn Russell

Release 0.10.30

parent b260860b
NEW in 0.10.30 - 2011-10-06
The changes are:
* Fixes: GB#647575, DLNA mime-types needed
* Fixes: GB#659995, Build buglet in docs/
* Fixes: GB#660601, Strings from tracker-stats.vala are not marked for translation
* Fixes: GB#642288, Extractor plugin for EPUBs
* Fixes: NB#257478, Location tags are not copied for saved videos if original video has location tags
* Fixes: NB#285251, Miner inresponsive some time after heavy insertion
* Fixes: NB#284711, Unable to see the saved gender option 'Not defined' in edit contact view.
* Fixes: NB#217566, Use of UNION in EXISTS in a FILTER breaks filtering
* Fixes: NB#269359, tracker-control got crashed at tracker_control_status_run when the file system is full * functional-tests: Remove expected failure annotation from NB#217566 test
* libtracker-common: Fixed missing include directive for utils tests
* libtracker-common: Disable checks for ioprio_set()
* libtracker-data: Set journal_size_limit to 10 MB
* tracker-extract: Fixed critical when FD list is missing
* tracker-extract-oasis: Ignore empty values and invalid dates
* tracker-extract-gstreamer: Fixed division by zero
* tracker-extract-gif: Fixed file descriptor leak in error case
* tracker-extract-pdf: Fixed file descriptor leak in error cases
* tracker-miner-fs: Fixed theme icon URIs for application indexing
NEW in 0.10.29 - 2011-09-26
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ AC_PREREQ([2.64])
m4_define([tracker_major_version], [0])
m4_define([tracker_minor_version], [10])
m4_define([tracker_micro_version], [29])
m4_define([tracker_micro_version], [30])
m4_define([tracker_interface_age], [0])
[m4_eval(100 * tracker_minor_version + tracker_micro_version)])
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