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Updates NEWS

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NEW in 0.7.25 - unreleased
NEW in 0.7.25 - 2010-03-11
Improvements / New:
* Support WITH <uri> syntax for updates (1.1 draft), DELETE FROM /
INSERT INTO syntax are still supported.
* Fixed a crash on DELETEs when using blank nodes
* Updated mlo:predefined-landmark-category-accommodation nie:title
to "Accommodation" from "accommodation".
* Added nmo:reportDelivery.
* Fixed documentation breakages
* Fixed prefix searches to ignore stop words
* Fixed OR operator searching
* Added better protection against invalid UTF-8
* Added TrackerSparqlBuilder documentation
* Added tracker-client.h for all header includes (except vala built files)
* Added vala bindings
* Relicensed from GPL to LGPL.
* Revert class counts on rollback
* Small refactor around tracker_data_update_sparql_blank()
* Store graphs as int ID instead of g_strdup()
* Don't g_strdup() strings which are never freed in TrackerProperty
* Added example code in examples/libtracker-extract
* Added tracker-extract.h for all header includes
* Relicensed from GPL to LGPL.
* Added documentation for utils (tracker_{coalesce|merge}, etc).
* Fixed documentation breakages
* Fixed move operations, index source recursively if not indexed previously
* Added initial unit tests
* Removed unused libraries in LIBADD
* Added better protection against invalid UTF-8.
* Fixed SubjectsAdded signal
* Added compiler hints about unlikely code paths in common functions
* Added --add-file option to request a file to be indexed
* Removed all .* file/dir ignores, this is done by default
* Removed unused libraries in LIBADD
* Fixed linking, only link against libtracker-common if used directly
* Fixed playlist extractor, don't relate entries using nie:isStoredAs
* Added --force-module for 3rd party developers to test extractor modules
* Removed unused #define statements in all extractors
* Removed lots of #includes which were unnecessary
* Removed imagemagick extract, it was not even in
* Added --notifies to list classes which notify changes
* GB#612171, Add support for excel extractor to extract the plain text from the excel files
* GB#609850, tracker-store segfault in tracker_parser_process_word
* GB#611919, Tracker-extract-mp3 failed to extract artist name of an id3v2.2 mp3 (generated by itunes)
* NB#156571, Aspect ratio are not extracted for video files.
* NB#158450, Tracker doesn't remove song from database when deleting song from device
* NB#159333, wrong stats for nmo:CommunicationChannel
* Updated et: Mattias Põldaru
* Updated sl: Andrej Žnidaršič
* Updated de: Christian Kirbach, Mario Blättermann
* Updated es: Jorge González
* Updated cz: Marek Černocký
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