Commit cbb24b46 authored by Ivan Frade's avatar Ivan Frade Committed by Martyn Russell

functional-tests: Update ontology-change test to milliseconds date

Add milliseconds in the expected result.
parent ab6afebe
......@@ -196,7 +196,7 @@ class PropertyRangeStringToDate (OntologyChangeTestTemplate):
# Check the value is there
result = self.tracker.query ("SELECT ?o WHERE { <%s> test:a_string ?o . }" % (self.instance))
self.assertEquals (result[0][0], "2010-10-12T13:30:00Z")
self.assertEquals (result[0][0], "2010-10-12T13:30:00.000Z")
class PropertyRangeDateToString (OntologyChangeTestTemplate):
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