Commit ca70cd1f authored by Jürg Billeter's avatar Jürg Billeter Committed by Martyn Russell

tracker-miner-applications: Do not warn for "Hidden" desktop files

parent ed663540
......@@ -338,13 +338,6 @@ get_desktop_key_file (GFile *file,
return NULL;
if (g_key_file_get_boolean (key_file, GROUP_DESKTOP_ENTRY, "Hidden", NULL)) {
g_set_error_literal (error, miner_applications_error_quark, 0, "Desktop file is 'hidden', not gathering metadata for it");
g_key_file_free (key_file);
g_free (path);
return NULL;
str = g_key_file_get_string (key_file, GROUP_DESKTOP_ENTRY, "Type", NULL);
if (G_UNLIKELY (!str)) {
......@@ -851,6 +844,8 @@ process_file_cb (GObject *object,
g_clear_error (&error);
error = g_error_new_literal (miner_applications_error_quark, 0, "File is not a key file");
} else if (g_key_file_get_boolean (data->key_file, GROUP_DESKTOP_ENTRY, "Hidden", NULL)) {
error = g_error_new_literal (miner_applications_error_quark, 0, "Desktop file is 'hidden', not gathering metadata for it");
} else {
process_desktop_file (data, file_info, &error);
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