Commit b1c53c37 authored by Carlos Garnacho's avatar Carlos Garnacho

build: Fix dependency tree in libtracker_sparql_dep

Instead of explicitly linking to intermediate libraries in
src/libtracker-sparql, have it depend on the dependency declared there.
Should provide the right -L/-l arguments when using the
libtracker_sparql_dep dependence.

Failure seen in:
parent 69bfef9e
......@@ -24,9 +24,9 @@ libtracker_sparql = library('tracker-sparql-' + tracker_api_version,
tracker_sparql_dep = declare_dependency(
link_with: [libtracker_sparql, libtracker_sparql_intermediate_vala],
link_with: libtracker_sparql,
include_directories: srcinc,
dependencies: [tracker_common_dep, libtracker_sparql_c_vapi_dep],
dependencies: [tracker_common_dep, tracker_sparql_intermediate_dep],
# The introspection generation for libtracker-sparql is awkward because we have
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