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Updated these based on a patch from Tshepang Lekhonkhobe. All updated to

	* NEWS:
	* TODO: Updated these based on a patch from Tshepang Lekhonkhobe.
	All updated to include things missing on the top of my head. The
	NEWS is mostly ready for release now.

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2009-01-29 Martyn Russell <>
* TODO: Updated these based on a patch from Tshepang Lekhonkhobe.
All updated to include things missing on the top of my head. The
NEWS is mostly ready for release now.
2009-01-29 Martyn Russell <>
Tracker 0.6.90
============= (UNRELEASED)
Major refactoring work
* Cleaner code, some things moved to libaries.
* Refactored DBus interface: Now with introspection! (The method names don't
change, but the objects do, so the client applications must be updated)
* New DB access code (libtracker-db library).
* New binary, tracker-indexer, created so to separate indexing functionality
away from user requests in the daemon.
GLib's GIO usage
* In-house file monitoring dropped.
* Addition of unit tests.
* TST (GUI search) migrated away from the deprecated gnome-vfs2
* Added support for indexing removable media.
* Added support for the mobile email client, Modest. This adds to Evolution,
Thunderbird, and KMail, among supported clients.
* Added support for OR search operations.
* Initial xesam support.
* New functionality to estimate remaining indexing time period.
What's Changed?
* Major re-factoring over the last 12 months for cleaner code.
* Modular approach with:
- libtracker-common
(common functions shared across all binaries)
- libtracker-db
(database abstraction and manipulation API)
- libtracker-data
(a higher level data get/set API)
- libtracker-module
(an API used by 3rd parties to index their content)
* DBus re-factoring and use of GLib bindings (for maintainability).
(The method names haven't changed, but the objects have, so the
client applications will need to be updated).
* Extractors are now run as an external process detached from the
indexer to not crash the indexer for problematic files.
* The utility applications have all been improved and use GOption
for argument parsing.
* Configuration is now more centralised and used by applications as
well as the daemon/indexer.
* File monitoring has been rewritten using GIO and libinotify:
* GnomeVFS support dropped from the project.
What's New?
* Requirement for GLib 2.16.x.
* Imported libinotify (for use in the daemon for file monitoring).
(due to lack of MOVE event information from GIO).
* Support for DBus introspection.
* Support for removable media indexing (MMC, USB sticks).
* Support for meta-data caching on removable devices
* Support for searching with OR operations.
* Support for XESAM (initial support only).
* Added application dedicated to indexing (tracker-indexer).
* Added estimated time remaining while indexing.
* Added module API and framework for applications to add support for
their media files to be indexed.
* Added utility applications:
- tracker-unique
(searches for unique values with option RDF filters)
- tracker-services
(lists all ontology services/properties)
- tracker-info
(lists details known to tracker about a particular file)
* Added unit tests for:
- trackerd
- tracker-indexer
- tracker-extract
- libtracker-common
- libtracker-db
* Added documentation for:
- daemon/indexer design
- libtracker-common
- libtracker-module
Missing Support
* Index merging has been removed in this release due to lack of
time to implementing it and with plans to redesign. SQLite FTS has
the feature internally and will be used in future releases. This
is noticeable only for very large data sets where a slowdown can be
Tracker 0.6.6
Table of Contents
1 Introduction
2 Use Cases
2 Use cases
3 Features
4 Dependencies
4.1 Recommended dependencies
4.2 For building Tracker's Deskbar-applet backend
5 Compilation
5.1 Notes on Solaris
5.2 Compile Options
5.2 Compile options
6 Running Tracker
6.1 Usage
6.2 Setting Inotify Watch Limit
6.2 Setting inotify watch limit
6.3 Tracker files
7 Tracker & Nautilus Search
8 Tracker & Deskbar applet
9 Tracker tools
7 Integration with other tools
7.1 Nautilus search
7.2 Deskbar applet
8 Tracker tools
1 Introduction
......@@ -42,11 +42,12 @@ Table of Contents
Supported first class objects include:
* Files, Documents, Music, Images, Videos, Applications, Emails,
Conversations, History, Playlists
Conversations, Playlists
Planned support:
* Appointments, Contacts, Projects, Tasks, Bookmarks, Notes
* Appointments, Contacts, Projects, Tasks, Bookmarks, Notes,
Firefox Web History
All discussion related to tracker happens on the Tracker
mailing list
......@@ -65,7 +66,6 @@ Table of Contents
2 Use Cases
Tracker is the most powerful open source metadata database and
......@@ -92,8 +92,6 @@ Table of Contents
* Can provide a more intelligent desktop using statistical
3 Features
* Desktop-neutral design (it's a freedesktop product built
......@@ -150,10 +148,8 @@ Table of Contents
* It auto-pauses indexing when running low on diskspace.
4 Dependencies
4.1 Recommended dependencies
* GStreamer 0.10 + plugins for audio/video file indexing
......@@ -177,14 +173,12 @@ Table of Contents
* GTK and GNOME stack (for GUI tools)
* totem-plparser (for playlist extraction)
4.2 For building Tracker's Deskbar-applet backend
* python-dev 2.3
* python-gtk2-dev 2.3
* deskbar-applet 2.16
5 Compilation
To compile and install Tracker, use the following commands :
......@@ -199,7 +193,6 @@ Table of Contents
might need to update ld_conf if you install into non-standard
5.1 Notes on Solaris
To compile Tracker with GCC on Solaris uses the following
......@@ -228,7 +221,6 @@ Table of Contents
sudo make install
5.2 Compile Options
Tracker has several compiler options to enable/disable certain
......@@ -236,7 +228,6 @@ Table of Contents
./configure --help
6 Running Tracker
6.1 Usage
......@@ -309,7 +300,6 @@ Table of Contents
be started automatically via Dbus activation (e.g. by running
tracker-search SEARCHTERM)
6.2 Setting Inotify Watch Limit
When watching large numbers of folders, its ppossible to exceed
......@@ -324,7 +314,6 @@ Table of Contents
2. Reboot the system OR (on a Debian-like system) run
"sudo /etc/init.d/procps restart"
6.3 Tracker files
Here are some of the files that Tracker creates and uses for its
......@@ -342,8 +331,9 @@ Table of Contents
* The system tmp ("/var/tmp" and "/tmp") is used for short-lived
session data.
7 Integration with other tools
7 Tracker & Nautilus Search
7.1 Nautilus Search
Once you have installed Tracker and have some indexed contents,
you should now compile Nautilus (ver 2.13.4 or higher) which
......@@ -358,17 +348,29 @@ Table of Contents
/usr/bin/trackerd). For non-GNOME installations, see the
desktop docs for how to achieve similar.
7.2 Deskbar applet
Tracker is also integrated into GNOME's deskbar applet.
Here are the compile options on how to get it built:
8 Tracker & Deskbar applet
Tracker is also integrated in GNOME's deskbar applet. See
Compile Options above on how to get it built.
Enables Deskbar-applet support; 'auto' should do since it
automatically chooses whether to install the 'handler' (for
Deskbar-applet >=2.16) or the 'module' (for Deskbar-applet
This sets where Deskbar-applet should find the tracker-handler;
this should be automatically detected, perhaps in
9 Tracker Tools
8 Tracker Tools
The Tracker distribution comes with a number of useful utilities which
are listed at the bottom of trackerd man page, "man trackerd". It's
recommended that you use the "--help" command line switch
(e.g., "tracker-services --help") for a more up-to-date usage info.
(e.g., "tracker-services --help") for more up-to-date usage
* XESAM integration
* Indexer backend independence (not just rely on SQLite)
* Extended XESAM support
* Automatic language detection
Application support:
Application Support:
* Balsa mboxes
* Brasero integration
* Epiphany integration (bookmarks and history)
* Rhythmbox integration
* Tomboy notes indexing
* Modest, a mobile email client (much work already exists in svn trunk)
* Search filtering (e.g. search within specific folders)
* Search results that update in real time
* Search within archives
* "exact phrase" search
* Wildcard search
Tracker SoC project ideas:
* Crawler to move to Indexer
* FTS support (replacement of QDBM, the current index db)
* Enables "exact phrase" searches
* Enables wildcard searches
* Enables prefix searches (pre*)
* Denormalised tables
* Better libtracker support for Maemo platform applications?
* Plugins
* For Evolution
* For KMail
* For Thunderbird
2007 Tracker SoC project ideas:
1. HAL integration into Tracker
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