Commit 89852ca9 authored by Sam Thursfield's avatar Sam Thursfield

docs: Add tracker-sparql documentation into fixxref search path

The libtracker-miner library depends on libtracker-sparql and uses some
of the types defined there. The docs refer to these types, which
previously produced warnings and broken links:

    html/TrackerDecorator.html:739: warning: no link for: "TrackerSparqlBuilder" -> (<span class="type">TrackerSparqlBuilder</span>).
    html/TrackerMiner.html:124: warning: no link for: "TrackerSparqlConnection" -> (<span class="type">TrackerSparqlConnection</span>).
    html/TrackerMiner.html:655: warning: no link for: "tracker-sparql-connection-get" -> (<code class="function">tracker_sparql_connection_get()</code>).

With this change, the warnings are gone and the links to types from
libtracker-sparql work as expected.
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glib_prefix = dependency('glib-2.0').get_pkgconfig_variable('prefix')
glib_docpath = join_paths(glib_prefix, 'share', 'gtk-doc', 'html')
docpath = join_paths(datadir, 'gtk-doc', 'html')
docpath = join_paths(datadir, 'gtk-doc')
fixxref_args = [
'--extra-dir=@0@'.format(join_paths(glib_docpath, 'glib')),
'--extra-dir=@0@'.format(join_paths(glib_docpath, 'gobject')),
'--extra-dir=@0@'.format(join_paths(glib_docpath, 'gio')),
'--extra-dir=@0@'.format(join_paths(docpath, 'libtracker-sparql')),
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