Commit 863eb61b authored by Ivan Frade's avatar Ivan Frade

Add deprecated in the class definition (not working in gtk-doc)

parent 9e978cfd
......@@ -126,9 +126,10 @@ print_variablelist_entry_list (FILE *f,
static void
print_deprecated_message (FILE *f)
g_fprintf (f,"<tr>");
g_fprintf (f,"<td class=\"deprecated\" colspan=\"2\">This item is deprecated.</td>\n");
g_fprintf (f,"</tr>\n");
g_fprintf (f, "<note>\n");
g_fprintf (f, "<title>Note:</title>\n");
g_fprintf (f, "<para>This item is deprecated</para>\n");
g_fprintf (f, "</note>\n");
static void
......@@ -191,7 +192,11 @@ print_ontology_class (gpointer key, gpointer value, gpointer user_data)
name = qname_to_shortname (def->classname);
id = shortname_to_id (name);
g_fprintf (f, "<refsect2 id='%s'>\n", id);
if (!def->deprecated) {
g_fprintf (f, "<refsect2 id='%s' condition='deprecated'>\n", id);
} else {
g_fprintf (f, "<refsect2 id='%s'>\n", id);
g_free (id);
g_fprintf (f, "<title>%s</title>\n", name);
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