Commit 8433d386 authored by Carlos Garnacho's avatar Carlos Garnacho

libtracker-data: Gracefully exclude NULL subject/pred/object from resultset

This is mentioned in the spec, and was correctly handled in the previous
parser (although the comment mentioned text from a similar restriction with
CONSTRUCT). Solutions with unbound variables should simply be ignored,
this was kinda the case but just detected through g_return_if_fail() later
parent 4f6e9832
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......@@ -735,7 +735,8 @@ _init_token (TrackerToken *token,
const gchar *value;
value = g_hash_table_lookup (sparql->solution_var_map, str);
tracker_token_literal_init (token, value);
if (value)
tracker_token_literal_init (token, value);
} else if (tracker_grammar_rule_is_a (rule, RULE_TYPE_TERMINAL, TERMINAL_TYPE_PARAMETERIZED_VAR)) {
tracker_token_parameter_init (token, str);
......@@ -4385,10 +4386,8 @@ translate_GraphNode (TrackerSparql *sparql,
if (_check_in_rule (sparql, NAMED_RULE_VarOrTerm)) {
_call_rule (sparql, NAMED_RULE_VarOrTerm, error);
g_assert (!tracker_token_is_empty (&sparql->current_state.object));
} else if (_check_in_rule (sparql, NAMED_RULE_TriplesNode)) {
_call_rule (sparql, NAMED_RULE_TriplesNode, error);
g_assert (!tracker_token_is_empty (&sparql->current_state.object));
} else if (_accept (sparql, RULE_TYPE_LITERAL, LITERAL_NULL)) {
if (sparql->current_state.type != TRACKER_SPARQL_TYPE_UPDATE)
_raise (PARSE, "«NULL» literal is not allowed in this mode", "NULL");
......@@ -4397,6 +4396,21 @@ translate_GraphNode (TrackerSparql *sparql,
g_assert_not_reached ();
/* Quoting sparql11-update:
* If any solution produces a triple containing an unbound variable
* or an illegal RDF construct, such as a literal in a subject or
* predicate position, then that triple is not included when processing
* the operation: INSERT will not instantiate new data in the output
* graph, and DELETE will not remove anything.
* Updates are a Tracker extension and object may be explicitly NULL.
if (tracker_token_is_empty (&sparql->current_state.subject) ||
tracker_token_is_empty (&sparql->current_state.predicate) ||
(tracker_token_is_empty (&sparql->current_state.object) &&
sparql->current_state.type != TRACKER_SPARQL_TYPE_UPDATE))
return TRUE;
switch (sparql->current_state.type) {
_add_quad (sparql,
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