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README and TODO updates

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2008-04-23 Saleem Abdulrasool <>
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Fix spelling of 'Portuguese'. Fixes bug #467151.
2008-04-23 Patch from Marcin Banasiak
2008-04-23 Patch from Tshepang Lekhonkhobe <>
* README and TODO updates
2008-04-23 Patch from Marcin Banasiak
* src/tracker-preferences/tracker-preferences.c
Use strcmp instead of strcasecmp when comparing file names
2008-04-23 Patch from Joshua Gerrish
2008-04-23 Patch from Joshua Gerrish
* src/libtracker-common/tracker-configuration.c
Config var initialised + fix string_replace funtion
......@@ -51,6 +59,11 @@
* src/trackerd/tracker-email.c: Report the error in case the mail
client module can't be loaded.
2008-04-17 Philip Van Hoof <>
* src/trackerd/tracker-email-modest.c
......@@ -12,7 +12,9 @@ Table of Contents
5.1 Notes on Solaris
5.2 Compile Options
6 Running Tracker
6.1 Setting Inotify Watch Limit
6.1 Usage
6.2 Setting Inotify Watch Limit
6.3 Tracker files
7 Tracker & Nautilus Search
8 Tracker & Deskbar applet
9 Tracker tools
......@@ -117,6 +119,8 @@ Table of Contents
* Provides option to disable indexing when running on battery.
* Provides option to index removable devices.
* Implements the freedesktop specification for metadata
......@@ -175,7 +179,10 @@ Table of Contents
* libglade 2.5
* unac (accent stripper)
* exempi
* libxml2
* libxml2 (for extracting html/xml content)
* hal 0.5 (for detection of removable devices, mounted
directories, as well as whether the computer is running on
4.3 For building Tracker's Deskbar-applet backend
......@@ -277,7 +284,12 @@ Table of Contents
--enable-external-qdbm : use system qdbm instead of one included
in Tracker
--disable-hal : disables HAL support for ac-power detection
--disable-hal : disables HAL support, which is for detecting
whether the computer is running on battery (for EG, determining
whether to run the indexer in such a case), whether a removable
device has been attached (for EG, determining whether to index
its contents), and for detecting mounted directories (for EG,
determining whether to index such)
--disable-trackerapplet : disables Tracker's notification applet
......@@ -285,6 +297,9 @@ Table of Contents
6 Running Tracker
6.1 Usage
To run Tracker, you need to manually start the Tracker daemon,
trackerd. By default trackerd will index your entire home
......@@ -336,9 +351,9 @@ Table of Contents
An additional option is the "--reindex" option which indexes
user data from scratch, removing the need to remove Tracker
database manually.
An additional option is "--reindex" which indexes user data from
scratch, removing the need to delete Tracker's database manually.
Keywords and metadata definitions are preserved however.
On the first run, Tracker will automatically create a new
database and start populating it with metadata by browsing
......@@ -354,7 +369,7 @@ Table of Contents
tracker-search SEARCHTERM)
6.1 Setting Inotify Watch Limit
6.2 Setting Inotify Watch Limit
When watching large numbers of folders, its ppossible to exceed
the default number of inotify watches. In order to get real time
......@@ -369,6 +384,23 @@ Table of Contents
"sudo /etc/init.d/procps restart"
6.3 Tracker files
Here is some of the files that Tracker uses during its operation,
apart from "~/.config/tracker" which is stated above, in Sec 6.1:
* "~/.local/share/tracker" is used for non-expendable content,
like keywords and metadata definitions.
* "~/.cache/tracker" is used for the expendable indexes and
expendable metadata that can be rebuilt if deleted (this is the
purpose of the ".cache" - its more a permanent tmp directory than
sys tmp but can be deleted if more disk space is needed).
* The system tmp ("/var/tmp" and "/tmp") is used for short-lived
session data.
7 Tracker & Nautilus Search
* support for ignoring diacritics in search (version 0.6.1)
* support for Thunderbird 2 after it's released
* XESAM integration
* indexer backend independence (not just rely on SQLite)
* .desktop file indexing
* chat logs
* automatic language detection
* DocBook indexing
* manpage indexing
application support:
* Balsa mboxes
* Brasero integration
* Epiphany integration (bookmarks and history)
* Rhythmbox integration
* Tomboy notes indexing
* Epiphany integration
* Brasero integration
* manpage indexing
* DocBook indexing
* search filtering (EG search within specific folders)
* search results that update in real time
* search within archives
* "exact phrase" search
* wildcard search
needing GLib 2.16:
* addition of unit tests
* (maybe) drop in-lined xdgmime
* (maybe) drop in-house file monitoring
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