Commit 7966322e authored by Sam Thursfield's avatar Sam Thursfield

ci: Run a maximum of 4 tests simultaneously

This is an attempt to deal with the random test failures that sometimes
appear, e.g.

The CI runners on report 32 CPU cores, so Meson tries
to run 32 tests at a time. I guess because our tests are mostly IO
bound this actually makes things slower and causes random failures.
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......@@ -24,11 +24,12 @@ test-fedora-latest:
# screenful of junk each time unless we strip these.
unset $(env|grep -o '^CI_[^=]*')
su tracker -c 'cd build; meson test --print-errorlogs ${MESON_TEST_EXTRA_ARGS}'
# We limit `meson test` to 4 parallel test processes. The default is to
# have one test process per CPU, but our tests are mostly IO bound
# and we get timeouts and failures if we try to run 32 of them at once.
su tracker -c 'cd build; meson test --num-processes=4 --print-errorlogs ${MESON_TEST_EXTRA_ARGS}'
- |
python3 -c 'import multiprocessing; print(f"Meson probably started {multiprocessing.cpu_count()} tests in parallel.")'
- |
echo "Test suite settings:"
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