Commit 70758fc0 authored by Carlos Garnacho's avatar Carlos Garnacho

libtracker-data: Update FTS if base tables were altered

That will issue an update of all tables, so the FTS view might be
affected. This is not caught by ontology change tests, as this
is a situation that can only happen when migrating from 1.x databases
parent c2f85627
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......@@ -3702,8 +3702,8 @@ tracker_data_ontology_import_into_db (TrackerDataManager *manager,
if (in_update) {
update_fts = tracker_data_manager_fts_changed (manager);
if (base_tables_altered || in_update) {
update_fts = base_tables_altered | tracker_data_manager_fts_changed (manager);
if (update_fts)
tracker_db_interface_sqlite_fts_delete_table (iface);
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