Commit 60b0f7fb authored by Sam Thursfield's avatar Sam Thursfield

trackertestutils: Use default timeout when calling tracker-store D-Bus methods

The default timeout of a GDBusProxy object is 25 seconds, but we were
reducing that to 5 seconds. This resulted in occasional test failures
(especially in functional-07-graph).

(The test failures would occur on systems with many CPUs where the tests
ran in parallel, which in practice meant they only failed in GitLab CI.
I found that I could reproduce the failure locally by running `meson
test --num-processes=100` though.)
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......@@ -358,14 +358,14 @@ class StoreHelper():
# is useful for testing this API surface, but we recommand that all regular
# applications use libtracker-sparql library to talk to the database.
def query(self, query, timeout=5000, **kwargs):
return self.resources.SparqlQuery('(s)', query, timeout=timeout, **kwargs)
def query(self, query, **kwargs):
return self.resources.SparqlQuery('(s)', query, **kwargs)
def update(self, update_sparql, timeout=5000, **kwargs):
return self.resources.SparqlUpdate('(s)', update_sparql, timeout=timeout, **kwargs)
def update(self, update_sparql, **kwargs):
return self.resources.SparqlUpdate('(s)', update_sparql, **kwargs)
def load(self, ttl_uri, timeout=5000, **kwargs):
return self.resources.Load('(s)', ttl_uri, timeout=timeout, **kwargs)
def load(self, ttl_uri, **kwargs):
return self.resources.Load('(s)', ttl_uri, **kwargs)
def batch_update(self, update_sparql, **kwargs):
return self.resources.BatchSparqlUpdate('(s)', update_sparql, **kwargs)
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