Commit 5f484f89 authored by Andrea Azzarone's avatar Andrea Azzarone 🚴

libtracker-data: Don't call _init_token()

Don't call _init_token(). We don't use it underneath this function, and it will
be later filled in with the property path for when we need it in _add_quad().
parent c6ba6c24
......@@ -4340,8 +4340,6 @@ translate_PathElt (TrackerSparql *sparql,
/* PathElt ::= PathPrimary PathMod?
_call_rule (sparql, NAMED_RULE_PathPrimary, error);
_init_token (&sparql->current_state.predicate,
sparql->current_state.prev_node, sparql);
if (_check_in_rule (sparql, NAMED_RULE_PathMod)) {
_call_rule (sparql, NAMED_RULE_PathMod, error);
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