Commit 5d99397c authored by Philip Van Hoof's avatar Philip Van Hoof Committed by Jürg Billeter

libtracker-miner: Change signedness of a field that is used to calculate

The ABS() where this field was used in had a calculation that could
result in a negative value within the ABS's brackets. Because it's
unrealistic that we'd ever need the value of this field to be larger
than int, we decided to just change it to signed int.

Fixes NB#290165.
parent 6dba38d4
......@@ -81,7 +81,7 @@ struct _UpdateArrayData {
GArray *sparql_array;
GArray *error_map;
GPtrArray *bulk_ops;
guint n_bulk_operations;
gint n_bulk_operations;
struct _BulkOperationMerge {
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