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Updated NEWS

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NEW in 0.9.14 - 2010-07-23
The changes are:
* Fixes: GB#616199, tracker-extract: Avoid second nie:title in msoffice/xml and oasis documents.
* Fixes: GB#624731, libtracker-miner: Don't emit signals while iterating hash table.
* Fixes: GB#624747, NB#179434: Avoid double-free in send_and_splice_async_callback()
* Fixes: GB#624774, Fixes memleaks in tracker-miner-fs
* Fixes: NB#180679, Make sure DBusGProxy is destroyed when destroying miner
* Fixes: NB#180236, Filter not removed when going into UNAVAILABLE
* Fixes: NB#179894, Reset sqlite3 stmt if detected as expired, and retry
* Fixes: NB#181538, Assume tar program is in $PATH
* NEW Feature: SPARQL, Add support for EXISTS and NOT EXISTS
* Ontology, NAO: Set maximum cardinality of propertyName and propertyValue to 1
* Ontology, maemo: Add contactGroup{Audio,Video,Vibration}Ringtone
* libtracker-data: Avoid reading already disposed memory
* libtracker-data: Improve logging after sqlite error, before aborting
* libtracker-data: Remove the unused contents.db
* libtracker-data: Remove storing of local locale for no reason
* libtracker-data: Do not cope with ontology changes in read-only mode
* libtracker-data: Do not reindex in read-only mode
* libtracker-data: Do not fetch resource count in read-only mode
* libtracker-data: Replace interrupt_thread by GCancellable
* libtracker-db, journal: Fix static code analysis issues
* libtracker-db: Merged into libtracker-data
* libtracker-db tests: Merged into libtracker-data tests
* libtracker-common: Fix double free when error splicing
* libtracker-common: Fix memory leaks when receiving partial reply plus errors in DBus calls
* libtracker-common: Fixed memleak in path_has_write_access()
* libtracker-client: Avoid critical, file may not have parent
* libtracker-client: Fix memleak, unref DBusPendingCall missing in notify callback
* libtracker-client: Avoid compiler warning when using FD-passing
* libtracker-client: Fix double free, error is freed in callback
* libtracker-miner: Exclude some files from coverage reports
* libtracker-miner: Fixed memleak in item_move()
* libtracker-miner: Fixed memleak in mount_guess_content_type()
* tracker-extract: Fix crash in albumart when pixbuf cannot be created
* tracker-extract, msoffice: Fixed memleak in extract_msoffice()
* tracker-miner-applications: Fix memleak in process_file_cb()
* tracker-writeback: Fixed memleak in get_playlist_type()
* Updated sl: Andrej Žnidaršič
* Updated es: Jorge González
* Updated zh_CN: Jessica Ban
NEW in 0.9.13 - 2010-07-16
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